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Brows Are Serious Business: Is Your Microblading Artist Qualified In CT?

Brows Are Serious Business: Is Your Microblading Artist Qualified In CT?

Microblading is the hot new trend for total eyebrow improvement. Fill in those skimpy brows with a technique that takes years of training to do right. So how do you know if you microblading artist is qualified in CT? Here are a few key ways to tell, that we at Scarlett’s Lash Boutique and Spa strictly adhere to, with our highly talented staff of qualified microblading artists.

An Internship Is Required To Obtain The Right Credentials

Did you know that in order to perform microblading properly, the technician must submit to a 2000 hour internship and be a licensed tattoo artist to even qualify? Those are some hefty standards, but these stringent requirements are definitely necessary to make sure your brows are in the right hands. Many people in CT are practicing microblading without the right license, so it’s buyer beware on this front. Do your research or make sure you go to a salon and spa you can trust.

Ask About Insurance

Many salons don’t have the proper insurance coverage, but they should. In case of a medical mishap, you need to know that as a client you're protected for any corrections or medical expenses. Most microblading procedures are very safe, which is the good news, but it’s always vital to go to a salon that is prepared with the right insurance coverage.

A Microblade Professional Needs To Have A Tattoo Artist License

Only tattoo artists that have the extra 2000 hours in training to become a microblade professional should be allowed to work on your brows. Sometimes microblade artists don't have a tattoo license and that's an issue. They are doing microblading procedures at some salons after just a two day course. It’s your eye area and your face at stake here! Trust only the best and most professional practitioners that have the license and proper training. That’s why you don’t have to worry at our CT salon, Scarlett’s Lash Boutique and Spa. Our staff is vetted and researched extensively before being hired. You’re in the right hands for perfectly gorgeous brows anytime you step into one of our chairs to have this unique service performed.

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