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Introducing Microblading to Scarlett's Lash Boutique & Spa

Have you heard about the latest craze in eyebrows? Eyebrows are a big deal in current cosmetic trends. Most people are realizing that in order to enhance the eye area and shape the face correctly, it’s vital to have a fuller brow area. So throw out your tweezers and stop that over waxing right away. The right brows can also take years off of your look for a youthful radiance that’s easy to achieve with just one service. Microblading.

What’s Microblading?

Microblading is a technique of semi-permanent tattoos or permanent makeup in CT for the brow area that looks like real hair. It can bulk up thin, fine, or fair brows that need a little help on their own to achieve that luscious fullness. Trust us, once you try microblading getting ready in the morning is a snap. You'll spend much less time on your already perfect eyebrows when they have been done by a skilled microblading professional. The microblade process only takes about two hours to have it done at our Connecticut Salon Spa. First the area is numbed and shaped, followed by the actual blading process. An eyebrow tattoo in CT needs to be done by someone who is trained fully on this microblading process. We have hired the best in the business for Scarlett's Lash Boutique and Spa.

Leave It To The Pros For Microblading In CT

That’s why at our salon we are happy to have brought onto our staff one of the best trained specialists, for all your microblading needs. Talk to us today to schedule your personalized consultation, to find out if Scarlett's Lash Boutique and Spa can make your microblading needs a reality. You’ll love the look and feel of your permanent eyebrows, once you have the feathery full features that are so popular right now.

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